TEMO 2023 Events : come and meet us!
Find on this page all the dates of our next meetings!
Come and meet the team and try our models TEMO·450 and TEMO·1000.

Upcoming events

03/04 > 07/04

MultiHull Show

Meet the TEMO team at La Grande Motte. 

Booth : E13

19/04 > 21/04

Arcachon Boat Show

Find TEMO·450 and TEMO·1000 at the Arcachon show. 

Booth: to come

04/05> 05/05

Ultramarin BoatShow

See our engines at the Ultramarin BoatShow. 

Booth: to come

29/05> 02/06

Venice Boat Show

Meet the TEMO team at the Venice Boat Show!

Booth: to come

31/05> 02/06


Meet the TEMO team at the Hamburg Ancora Yachtfestival!

Booth: to come

07/06> 08/06


Find TEMO engines in Helsinki with our local partner, Marinekauppa. 

Booth: to come

22/08> 25/08

Copenhagen Boat Show

Find TEMO engines with our local partner, AB Marine. 

Booth: to come

28/08> 01/09

Hiswa te Water

Come and try the TEMO·450 and TEMO·1000 in the Netherlands. 

Booth: to come

13/09> 22/09

Southampton International Boat Show

Discover our TEMO engines with our local partner, Marine Components International Limited. 

Booth: to come

19/09> 24/09

Genoa Boat Show

Find out more about our TEMO engines with our local partner, Battagli.

Booth: to come

25/09> 29/09


Discover our TEMO engines at Interboot with our partner Ultramarin.

Booth: to come

01/10 > 06/10

Grand Pavois - La Rochelle

Meet the TEMO team in La Rochelle for the Grand Pavois!

Booth: to come

10/10 > 14/10

Annapolis Boat Show

Come and (re)discover our engines with the TEMO team.

Booth: to come

17/11> 21/11


As every year, the TEMO team will be present at Metstrade Amsterdam. 

Booth: to come

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